Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cyclamen - almost completed

I completed this cyclamen in class, but haven't signed or taken a photo of it yet.  This is what I took to class, and I will show the completed version tomorrow.  

I am busy cleaning, packing and getting the house ready, so that we can take a Thanksgiving vacation for a long week.  We plan to head to Maui and sit on the beach, only the rain will be coming down on us, since that is the forecast for the week that we are there.

It's lovely to go on vacation, but one always assumes that the weather will be perfection just when it's your turn to go.  I have come to realize that the rest and relaxation can take place despite the less than best forecast, and it will be a nice respite, since we will not be with our family  this year. 

To all of you who will 'go it alone' this Holiday, I will be thinking of you (yes, even if I don't know you) and hoping that there will be some special moments for you.  I am so grateful for so many things, that even when I can't share that gratitude with friends or family, I can smile and share that attitude with strangers (or as I like to say.... future friends).

Be grateful today - something good has happened to you, so start the spirit rolling.

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