Saturday, November 1, 2008

Colorado Sunset

              A late Fall, Colorado Sunset

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset... anywhere.  My favorite, of course, is over the ocean, looking west..... However, we don't have a lot of water here and definitely not an Ocean, so we improvise!   The other night, the clouds were right, the sun was at the right angle, and on our little hill, we could catch a glimpse of the most amazing colors in the sunset.

I find that I am not ALL about botanical art.... but but more about what Nature (and Nurture) has to offer.  I am beginning to add a few blogs that I love. 

Eddie Ross is one - he is amazingly creative and fun.  He creates wonderful things from re-used items, and he doesn't hesitate to check out a flea market, or Used Goods store, to find his treasures.  

Another blog that I love is A Beach Cottage, which comes from 'down under'.  Again, it's trash to treasures in a way that I can never seem to manage.  

The artful eye is captured in art, interiors and landscaping, as well as music....well, there are just a million ways to see things with a creative eye.  Some people just do it better than others.
I hope that you will check out these blogs - step away from botanical art - and have a moment of another type of creativity!  

Enjoy your weekend!

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