Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving week

We are heading towards warmer climates, of the Hawaiian variety for the next ten days.
The 'hubby' and I will be relaxing on the beach, reading new books (I have a pile to pack!), taking long walks, and eating sweet potato fries!  
It will be our way of recharging our batteries in the place that we love so much.  When I come back, my spirit will be renewed, and re-energized, and I will be ready for the great Holiday marathon.  It's all good and I am most grateful that we bought these tickets back in June... as we would most likely NOT be doing this otherwise.  I plan to enjoy each moment, and just be happy that it is possible to come to the islands.

I hope that your Thanksgiving is a very special one.... and that your spirit is grateful for whatever you have right now, in this moment.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is the Cyclamen done???

                                Completed Cyclamen sp.

Whenever I complete a piece, I put it away for a bit and come back.  As I look at this, I do see places that I can improve - things I need to do to complete it.  I often will miss a detail or two, but when I photograph it and put it up on the blog - things pop out at me.  It's a good thing.
Nothing is ever completely done .... unless it's over done.  So, I will leave this piece until I get home and then I will change a few more things... and call it a day.  

A friend asked me if I planned to draw on vacation... and I laughed... then thought about it....
I can't "NOT" draw on vacation or anywhere else.  If I sit for ten minutes, I am doodling or sketching something!  So, most likely I will take a small sketch book and a pencil - maybe my small portable water color kit... and I will sketch some of the wonderful botanica in Maui.  I love the exotic flowers; the sheer size of the plants, and the vibrant colors - it's always a feast for the eyes.  That will be my Thanksgiving feast.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cyclamen - almost completed

I completed this cyclamen in class, but haven't signed or taken a photo of it yet.  This is what I took to class, and I will show the completed version tomorrow.  

I am busy cleaning, packing and getting the house ready, so that we can take a Thanksgiving vacation for a long week.  We plan to head to Maui and sit on the beach, only the rain will be coming down on us, since that is the forecast for the week that we are there.

It's lovely to go on vacation, but one always assumes that the weather will be perfection just when it's your turn to go.  I have come to realize that the rest and relaxation can take place despite the less than best forecast, and it will be a nice respite, since we will not be with our family  this year. 

To all of you who will 'go it alone' this Holiday, I will be thinking of you (yes, even if I don't know you) and hoping that there will be some special moments for you.  I am so grateful for so many things, that even when I can't share that gratitude with friends or family, I can smile and share that attitude with strangers (or as I like to say.... future friends).

Be grateful today - something good has happened to you, so start the spirit rolling.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunny skies and sunsets

The evening sky has been exceptionally beautiful this past week.

I secretly love this time of year... when it really is suppose to be cold, but we have unprecedented warm weather.  It was 75 degrees yesterday, and it will be 78 today... with the sun shining brightly, and spectacular sunsets, for Colorado.

I do worry so much about global warming, and I am trying to minimalize my stamp on the enviornment.... but gosh, I love the warm weather when it could so easily be so cold.  I am not kidding myself, I know the cold is coming, but the longer I can avoid it, the happier I am.

So, I am sharing my sunset with you and hoping that you are having wonderful weather (Know the East Coast is layered in snow.....which can be wonderful, as well).  

I will be sure to get outside today and enjoy this gift!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rose at first blush

                    First layer of wash on the Rose

After much 'ado', I found a battery for the camera and then took photos yesterday.  I wanted to share the rose - quite unfinished.  I have just started layering the washes.  The resulting color will be a 'salmon pink' but the first wash was just a light Quinacridone red.  A little red goes a long way, so I am trying to keep a light touch on this one.

I finished the cyclamen for class... still needs tweaking, but for the most part, it's complete.
I will share that and other stuff (including a beautiful evening sky that I was able to capture).

Off to school.... I can feel the speed of life increasing as the holidays approach.  I hope that you can find a moment today, just to breathe.  I plan to do that tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Windy - windy

What a day!  It was a wild and windy day here, though, very warm for this time of year.  I have been working madly on cyclamens and roses, but I have nary a photo to share with you, because the battery in my camera is dead....clonked.... out for the count.  

I need to get some new batteries, and take some more photos... but I am working on my paintings, so haven't gone to the store....(do you see a pattern here??). 

Tonight... writing group.... 

Tomorrow morning ... art group....

So, with some good luck, I may have photos by the weekend.  I promise to post as soon as I can find a battery.  

Hope your day has been calm - with no glitches.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homework - Cyclamen

Here is a peek an my unfinished homework for this week.

My eyes are going a bit buggy after working on the leaves of this cyclamen today.  So, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I have been doing this week.  As usual, I am running to catch up, but we plan to leave for Thanksgiving, so I will miss the last class.  I am trying to finish this piece before I leave... and another one that I am working on.  I will show that one to you tomorrow (Rosa sp).   This one was suppose to be a "Ravishing red" but when I got the first few washes down... I fell in love with the "Perfect Pink".  I don't quite have the heart to keep going with washes.... I like the Pink.  What do you think ??

The days are getting short... a bit more hazy.... and a lot cooler.  It won't be long now before the snow flies.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Solo Showing of my work

My work is being shown at a local church for the month of November

There have been lots of 'firsts' for me this year.  It's my first step into the 60's.... It's my first time being a graduate of an art program (a life long dream), and it's my first solo art show.  I am so glad to be growing and changing and challenging myself as I age.  It's been an exciting year, and I hope that I can continue growing with my art.  

Who knew that you could enjoy a passion this much.   I am truly grateful.

Also, today is Veteran's Day, and I salute all of the Veterans that have kept our country safe, so that even in hard times, we can enjoy a good life with many freedoms.  My husband is a Veteran as well as my brothers, brother -in-law, and Father...... all have done their share for our country.   THANK YOU!

Monday, November 10, 2008

End of the season

Combine blue sky, a tree full of leaves and a gentle wind

and you have a happy Colorado Blue Spruce, and the driveway, covered in leaves!

This weekend was a perfectly crisp Colorado fall weekend - and the leaves were finally down on the ground and ready for raking.  We managed to get most of them, with the hopes that a Westerly wind will carry the rest over the fence or down the road a piece.  Not that we want our neighbors raking, but the golf course (over the fence) has big equipment to pick them up, which helps us in our endless endeavor to clear the ground before winter.

I remember making huge piles for the kids to jump in...  or creating the outlines of a house for them to play in.  I am always a bit sad to see the end of the leaves and the beginning of the snow.  

This winter, I plan to look hard for the botanical beauty tucked away beneath the snow - and bring it to you via the blog.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another try at Dandelions

It's not done, but I wanted to give the Dandelions another try.  When I did them the first time (in watercolor), I was pretty much painting 'free style', so some of the details of the drawing were not to my liking.  I started over, in colored pencil, and I like the results a lot more.

So the Dandelions are long gone... and I am currently trying to get homework done, as well as a  "Rose" in watercolor.   That means that this will probably sit on the shelf for a few months, until I can get back to it.  

Hope today is a 'dandy-lion' of a day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cleaning up the studio

It's a never ending task of cleaning up the studio (a former sun porch that was enclosed).  As soon as I get everything organized, I take out my stuff; spread out; and there I am again in a new state of chaos.  Oh well, creativity is messy!!  

I am just grateful to have a space and place to call my own.... even if my dear husband thinks that I have taken over the entire house!  I do have piles...and piles.... of creative stuff (let's see, there is also "scrapbooking", card making, knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, and jewelry making!)

So, if your space isn't perfect, but it brings you a good feeling, and it feels like home, then give yourself permission to get creative... make messes... and on occasion - but not obsessively, clean up and re-organize.

Have some fun today!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friday Jounaling - unfinished

  Sharing the journal of the unfinished additions from last week!

Where did the time go.... again!  Well, it flew away, that's for sure.   

Wow... what a vote!  Watching the crowds in Grant Park, in Chicago.... touched the core of my heart... humanity coming together to support our new President(elect).  Even if he wasn't your choice, you have to think about the goodness of that moment.   

Tomorrow, I promise that I will share the photos of the studio... before cleaning and after... whew!  (well, don't look too closely at the 'after!).

Today, I went to the funeral of a wonderful young man that died too early.  It was such a sad moment in my week.... it makes we want to hop on an airline and visit my children (very grown up ones, at that) and give them all HUGE hugs and let them know how important they are in our  lives and so many other lives, as well.  

Hug your kids today... and if they aren't there, find someone to hug ... and let them know how important they are in your life.  

Our moments here on earth are so brief... we need to spread the love.  Hugs to you all today!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homework this week

                            This week's Homework

Yes, I know that I am suppose to have completed all my courses at the DBG, but as any artist knows, you have to 'practice, practice, practice'.  So, I am taking a watercolor class, and that is what I did this week.  I practiced on my color charts, my neutral blacks, and washes.  I am impatient with the washes... want to paint the second wash before the first is completely dry...and so on...     I continue to learn and to do my homework, as I always come up with some new thing.  I still have such a long way to go... but I am loving this journey.

Okay, so now you must do your homework and V'O'TE!!  I assume that if you are reading THIS blog, you are bright and articulate and have most likely 'already voted'.  But... if not, and you are registered to vote in this election.... DO IT!!  

I bet you are wondering why I am posting on a Sunday.... something that I rarely do.....

Well, I have class all day Monday, then a meeting in the evening...and Tuesday isn't looking much better.... so you get this homework special until Wednesday, I think.  If  I find a minute, I might be able to post again, but if not... see you on the other side (of the election).  I have my fingers and toes crossed for my candidate.    I am ever h"O"peful!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Colorado Sunset

              A late Fall, Colorado Sunset

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset... anywhere.  My favorite, of course, is over the ocean, looking west..... However, we don't have a lot of water here and definitely not an Ocean, so we improvise!   The other night, the clouds were right, the sun was at the right angle, and on our little hill, we could catch a glimpse of the most amazing colors in the sunset.

I find that I am not ALL about botanical art.... but but more about what Nature (and Nurture) has to offer.  I am beginning to add a few blogs that I love. 

Eddie Ross is one - he is amazingly creative and fun.  He creates wonderful things from re-used items, and he doesn't hesitate to check out a flea market, or Used Goods store, to find his treasures.  

Another blog that I love is A Beach Cottage, which comes from 'down under'.  Again, it's trash to treasures in a way that I can never seem to manage.  

The artful eye is captured in art, interiors and landscaping, as well as music....well, there are just a million ways to see things with a creative eye.  Some people just do it better than others.
I hope that you will check out these blogs - step away from botanical art - and have a moment of another type of creativity!  

Enjoy your weekend!