Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rose Hips journaling

This was done with water color pencils and 'tombow' pens (water soluble)

Today, I promised to show you the latest in my journal - the last of the rose hips.... just love them as much as the original roses.  

Today, I hung my art show at a local church.  It will be up for a month, which will be nice.  It is my first solo show and I hope that the community enjoys the art - at least is not controversial - just soothing for these crazy days of Fall.

Last Friday, I cleaned my studio... I do have the "before"  and "after" shots... though I cannot tell too much of a difference.  I will share those later this week.

I also have tons of homework with my latest class, which I will share with you.  Sometimes there is a lot of work with in the work.  The process of painting can be quite time consuming, even with small pieces, so it's nice to be able to share the process with you, periodically!

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