Friday, October 10, 2008

My umbrella

                        Mushroom perched on a decaying birch tree

In a recent post, I showed you sketches of the mushroom that I found in Maine.  I had planned to do a painting of it... but it was so small.   Oh, well, it just seemed to be the perfect umbrella to paint this week.  I know that we wish that we could hide away under a magical mushroom and avoid what is crashing down around us, but unfortunately, we can't.  We will all be affected by the stock markets, and continuing chaos which is now trickling through out the world.

Still, under the umbrella with lichens all around, we can see that people don't change.... just circumstances.  I will continue to paint and celebrate the beauty of the smallest things and you can enjoy the painting.... my gift to the world.

Celebrate today..... find a nice mushroom...... make it your umbrella..... and know you are going to be okay.

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