Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Le "pumpkin" francais

                Le "pumpkin" francais

I thought that you might enjoy a last view of the  French pumpkin, before it was picked yesterday.  The bottom is quite yellow, so I have flipped it upside down in the sun to shed some light on it's bottom.  Hopefully, I will get some great sketches in before we leave again for a trip to Bryce & Zion National Parks.  We plan to hike and explore this area..... a long time dream of ours.  

Tomorrow, I will show you the beginnings of my painting of the Maine mushroom...against the lichen on the birch tree.  It definitely has a way to go before it looks complete, but it's a start.

This would be a perfect weekend, to pick your pumpkin.  I plan to head to the Farmer's Market, to find other pumpkins... in white, greenish blue, etc. .   Wouldn't that make a beautiful painting?

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