Monday, October 27, 2008

Last of the Rose Hips

          Rose hips at the end of the season

On Friday, my journaling group gathered inside.  It was just too cold outside, though, on the weekend, we warmed up into the 70's!!    I love those sunny warm days in the Fall.  It's crispy in the morning, but warms up by noon and the afternoons are just heavenly.  This week, we brought in some rose hips to sketch.  I have taken a photo of the journal, but haven't downloaded it yet... so you will have to wait for tomorrow.  Today, is class in Denver at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It's called "Ravishing Reds" and it should be a fun challenge  to capture the wonderful reds of the season....or maybe, the season coming up.  

Okay, so tomorrow... I promise a photo of the latest journaling.... Rose Hips!

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Polycarps 863 said...

Looking forward to the Journal Page! Tell us more about capturing the reds...