Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's coming.....

Today, I noticed a change.... the morning sun came a bit later; the weather is cooling, clouds are coming in....and I think it's officially Fall.  Our weather has been so perfect that the date that Fall arrived just didn't seem quite like the moment.  Today, I can say, 'It's here..."

There are so many leaves on the ground... almost time for raking.  The wind seems to blow a bit stronger and we had a touch of rain.

Tomorrow, my little art group is planning to paint the pumpkins (not actually paint on them... but sit around and draw them - but you knew that!).  I have shown you some photos of them... but now they are changing quickly... so the oranges are vibrantly showing their stuff.

I am working on a Maple leaf, in colored pencil, today.  I having so much fun with it.  It's been a blast.  Tomorrow, I hope to have it completed and share it with you, as well as some photos of the pumpkins.  
So, now that I have enjoyed my break with you, I will get back to work.

Oh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TONY!  (that's my Brother-in-Law), who is a great guy!

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