Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The process of painting....

When we were hiking, I also found this wonderful mushroom growing out of a Birch tree.  The juxtaposition of the colors caught my eye.  The mushroom is sort of a beige color... non-descript, as mushrooms go, but popped against the wonderful "darks" and greens of the tree and lichen on the tree, it made me want to paint it.

Okay, so I am in a National Park and I want to grab this tree and mushroom and bring it home.  Well, first of all, the Airlines would have a fit; It's quite illegal to take anything from a National Park, and it just isn't feasible to walk around with a mushroom in my pocket, anyway.  

So, I took lots of photos (for reference) and then sat and sketched the size and shape, as best I could.  Now, I have some references to work from.  I am currently working on the pencil drawing.... which I will post tomorrow.... then on to the painting.  It's all a process.

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