Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's tricky to travel .... and paint....

Changing leaf in Maine.... painted in 15 minutes (then worked on in studio)

I always travel with my journal and paints, but finding the time to fill the journal, when we are hiking, or traveling is hard.  I see so many blogs that have amazing sketchbooks and drawings done quickly - on the fly.  It is a continuing challenge for me.  The above leaf was painted in about 15 minutes, during a hike in Acadia.  You can see my photo up in the corner of this blog - my profile (taken by my sweet hubby) while I painted.

Last week, I started journaling with friends.  We went to the local "ponds" and painted for a few hours.  I will show you the journal tomorrow.  It's truly horrid.... but I had so much fun doing it.  Okay, so I am starting .... with the goal that not only (hopefully) will my drawing improve, you will actually be able to tell what I am trying to draw!  The other purpose is to get outside during this wonderful Fall, and to speed up the process of my work.  I tend to get lost in the details (can you tell?????)

Today... step out of your box.... challenge yourself..... try something a new way.  Tell me how it worked for you and have some fun with it.

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