Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buzzzzzzz....y bees

                              buzzzy bees at Stonewall Kitchen garden

On our way up the coast from Boston to Maine, we stopped at a wonderful place called "Stonewall Kitchen", started by two partners, who loved jams and jellies, and proceeded to create amazing combinations of treats for toast... as well as, Chutney, mustards, and every condiment that comes to mind.  We couldn't get over the gardens there, filled with unusual plants, and some beautiful zinnia's as well.  The bee's were still humming all about and barely noticed their 'photo op'.  It was one of the handful of sunny days, when I captured this photo.

We loaded up the car with yummy treats, and continued up the coast.  If you are ever roaming up the highway... this would be a fun quick stop for lunch.  My husband said that he had the best sandwich ever.... from the 'kitchen'.

Eat something delicious today - creativity for your palate.  

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