Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More to do..

There is more to do on this, but I thought that I would share the changes with you.  With a class critique (more like a mutual support comment time),  the idea that came out was to add a leaf and extend the stem... which I worked on today...  However, I do not like the stem ... so back to the drawing board.   I need to let it rest for a week or so, and then come back to it.  I seem to do better that way.  Also, it wouldn't hurt to focus the camera when taking the next photo... this one really turned out fuzzy.  Oh well ...

Next up, I will share the tomato, which also needs a bit of work... but I just had to paint a big red heirloom.  I used cold press paper, which was a gift from my son.  I really enjoy it's texture, and it takes a lot of water.  

I am tired.... worn out from too many late nights reading and watching the Olympics.  Whew, it's been fun, but I need a catch up nap.  How about you.

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