Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colorado skies

Can you believe the beauty of these skies?  We are enjoying perfect weather here this week.  The skies are so very blue, the air is comfortably warm, and the nights are cool.  It's that blissful weather, that makes one love Colorado.  I am not a 'native' Coloradan, but I have been here a mighty long time, and it still amazes me, just how perfect a day can be.  I KNOW that this is true for every area of the country.  They each have their 'perfect' days and weeks. 

So, wherever you are, I hope that this is a 'perfect weather week' for you.  If not, be patient - good weather will come.... and when we are having some cold gray days, you will no doubt, be having something perfect, in your neck of the woods.

What ever it is, enjoy today!

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