Monday, August 25, 2008

Caribou Ranch...

If you head west, out of Boulder, and head up into the foothills, past Nederland towards Ward, there is a lovely "Open Space" hike at Caribou Ranch.  It's not a long hike... only about three miles, but the aspen groves and wild flowers always seem to be at their best for the season.   This "Open Space" project is one of Boulder County's best treats.  It has a trail that meanders through the trees, to an open meadow... down to the original ranch house.  It's just a fun place to head on a cooler day (and that would be anything below 80 degrees).  

We couldn't resist a quick break from all the 'have to's" around the house, to drive up and enjoy a breath of fresh air.  It's definitely not a crowded place to hike either.  We only met about 6 people, coming and going.  So, if you are in the area.... say, the Democratic National Convention, in Denver, don't hesitate to sneak away and see the real beauty of the area.... at Caribou Ranch.

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